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What Is Concordia Historical Institute?

Concordia Historical Institute is the Department of Archives and History of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. From its beginning in 1847, the Synod has provided for its archives, first entrusting the responsibility for maintaining the churchʼs records to the synodical secretary. In 1927 the Institute was incorporated by interested individuals in the church to provide for the preservation of its records. In 1959 the Synod designated the Institute as its official repository.

The Instituteʼs facilities, located on the campus of Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis, Missouri, include a reference room for patrons, a conference room, a museum exhibit area and three stack areas for storage of its collections. The stack areas are maintained at a constant temperature and humidity to preserve the resources.

The materials stored at the Institute include records of synodical officers, boards, commissions, committees and other entities, as well as personal papers of church leaders, seminary professors, pastors, teachers, laypersons and missionaries. The Instituteʼs reference library contains books, periodicals, parish histories, pamphlets, tracts and other publications relating to the history of Lutheranism in North America and its European antecedents. Museum artifacts, audiovisual resources and photographs round out the holdings. A considerable amount of resources are available on microfilm.

The Institute also maintains two historic sites in Perry County, Missouri, publishes the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly, and assists districts and congregations of the Synod in preserving their historical records.

Historical Items of Interest

How to Contact Us

How to Find Us

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