Library Holdings

Concordia Historical Institute maintains an extensive library of resources related to the history of Lutheranism in America from the earliest colonial period to the present. Some Reformation resources and works on the European background and antecedents of American Lutheranism are also available.

General Holdings

The collection includes:

On-line Catalog

The CHI library is included with the catalog of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis in the MOBIUS Union Catalog. Not all of our holdings have been cataloged thus far. To determine whether we have a resource that you need, please contact us.

Click here to connect with the Concordia Historical Institute catalog.

Appraisal of Books

From time to time we receive requests to place a monetary value on old Bibles or other books that people seek to sell. We are not in a position to provide such a service. Those wishing monetary appraisals should contact rare and used book dealers in their areas or professional appraisers.

A person may also get some idea of the market value of used and out-of-print book on the Internet. One site for this is Bibliofind, where dealers offer items for sale. Search their database of listings for the item on which an evaluation is desired. The various online auction sites also might offer listings that would be helpful for determining a market value for old books.

Surplus Materials Available

We continually receive donations of books and other materials that we do not need or cannot use in our library collection. We offer some of these items for sale in our building. We are offering the larger sets and more significant individual items on our web site. Check our list of items currently available.


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