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Welcome to our on-line museum. We will be showcasing various exhibits here, both as on-line versions of exhibits currently open in the museum area of our building and as Web-only presentations on the history of Lutheranism. The exhibits will change periodically, so check back regularly to see what's new. If you would like to be informed about new exhibits and other updates to this site, fill out our Guest Book form and check the box to add your name to our electronic mailing list.

Please be aware that these exhibits are graphically richer than most of our pages. We have done everything possible to speed up their load time, but it still may take a few minutes.

Duerer A Sword Will Pierce Your Own Soul Too
An exhibit of two series of original prints from woodcuts by Albrecht Dürer: The Life of Mary and the Small Passion.

Katie My Lord Katie: Katharina von Bora Luther (1999)
An exhibit celebrating the 500th anniversary of the birth of Katie Luther, the nun who became the wife of the great reformer Dr. Martin Luther.

YouthThe LCMS National Youth Gathering: 20 Years of Grace Growth & Good Times (1998)
A look at the past twenty years of the Synod's national youth conferences. (Note: The actual Youth Gathering exhibit is no longer on display in the CHI Museum.)

PresPresidents of the Missouri Synod: Past & Present
Biographical sketches and pictures of the men who have served as the Missouri Synod's presidents.

150The Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod at One Hundred and Fifty Years (1997)
An overview of the history of the Missouri Synod emphasizing the Church's growth and expansion.

PM500 Year of Philipp Melanchthon (1997)
An exploration into the life of one of the Reformation's greatest workers and Martin Luther's closest friends. (Note: The actual Melanchthon exhibit is no longer on display in the CHI Museum.)


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