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The Original 14 Congregations of the Missouri Synod

(Used by permission from the April 1997 issue of The Lutheran Witness. All rights reserved.)

The German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and Other States came into being on 26 April 1847 when twelve pastors, representing their congregations (one of which was a dual parish, another a two-in-one), signed the synod’s constitution. The fourteen charter congregations, as listed in the proceedings from the first convention, are these (original pastors are given in parentheses):

Though not one of the original fourteen charter members, Pastor C. August Selle’s Chicago church—now known as First Saint Paul—was the scene of the synod’s constituting convention. With no railroads yet at their disposal, the Missouri Saxons came to Chicago via river and canal, the Ohio and Indiana men were on horseback.

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