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April 12, 2013

Artifact: Baseball Challenge

Date: 29 May 1876

Size: 10 x 8 inches

Significance: This letter is evidence of one of the extra-curricular activities for students at Concordia College, Fort Wayne, Indiana, during the 1870sóbaseball. On the right is the written challenge from another team, and on the left is a list of the nine players and their positions. The document is transcribed below.



Players of the II Nine of A. B. B. C.

Koestering C.

Bartling M.

Schriefer I B.

Schroeder L.

Hueseman R.

Tatge P.

Grebe II B.

Miessler III B.

Spott S.S.

Ft. Wayne May 29th 1876


We the second nine of

the Atlantic B. B. C. hereby challenge

you, the first nine of Olympic B. B. C.,

for a friendly match-game of Base

Ball on Wednesday May 31st 1876 at

1230 o'clock P.M.


W. H. Tatge, Sec'y.,

M. Koestering, Captain.

by order of the Club.

Other baseball challenges: The document on the left, dated May 17, 1877, is from the second nine of the Star Baseball Club, which was accepting a challenge issued by Concordia College for May 19. The document on the right, dated June 6, 1877, is another challenge from the second nine of the Atlanta Baseball Club to play a game on June 8. Click on the images to enlarge them.














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