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November 14, 2014

Artifact: U. S. Army Chaplain’s Jacket

Dürer - Ascension Size: 23.5 inches high x 19 inches wide

A trivia question in honor of Veteran’s Day: What was this style military jacket commonly called?

Bonus question: This jacket belonged to Arthur Carl Piepkorn who served as a chaplain for eleven years. In what war did he serve?

Answer: This wool field jacket was commonly referred to as the Eisenhower or “Ike” Jacket. General Dwight D. Eisenhower did not like the combat jackets for the U. S. Army and requested something shorter. The Wool Field Jacket M-1944 style was modified by a tailor, and this new “Ike” jacket became standard issue in November 1944. While originally designed as a field jacket, it was commonly used in non-combat situations as well. (Information from: http://amhistory.si.edu/militaryhistory/collection/object.asp?ID=214\)

Bonus Answer: A. C. Piepkorn (1907–1973) was a chaplain during WWII. He served as an active-duty army chaplain from 1940 to 1951. Prior to his chaplaincy, Piepkorn served for ten years as a parish pastor in Missouri, Minnesota and Ohio. Colonel Piepkorn served in the European Theater from 1943 to 1946 and then served at the Chaplain School of the U. S. Army until 1950. He finished his active service in 1951 to serve as a professor at Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis, but continued in the reserves until 1967. He was a professor at the seminary for twenty-two years until his death.

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Colonel Piepkorn is pictured in his service dress coat.

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